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Ski ticket rates 2017/18


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  • Terms and conditions

    The conveyance terms of each lift system shall apply, especially those for children.

    The card readers at the base stations are used to check the validity of ski passes. Ski passes and, with special rate passes, other documentation (e.g. passport or ID card) should be presented to our control staff on request. Checks are made constantly throughout the ski area. Ski passes are non-transferable. Subsequent exchange of one ski pass for another and the extension or postponement of the validity dates is not possible. All cases of misuse will result in the immediate confiscation of the ski pass and the charging of a penalty (double the daily ticket rate in the regular high season). We reserve the right to report the matter to the police. In the event of violation of conveyance regulations, non-observation of closed ski runs (due to the risk of an avalanche or for other safety reasons), con-compliance with the no-skiing rule in forest areas and other FIS regulations, offenders will be refused conveyance. In severe cases, ski passes will be confiscated without replacement and the matter will be reported to the police.

    As a general principle, lost lift passes will not be replaced. The loss of a lift pass whose holders name has been recorded (personalized Arlberg Card) can be reported to our cash desks. Upon presentation of the receipt of purchase and proof of identity (passport), it is possible to have these passes blocked at the access control points and acquire a replacement pass upon payment of a processing fee. No replacement passes can be issued under any circumstances without presentation of the purchase receipt.

    Refunds are only possible in the event of an accident with ski passes valid for 2 days or more. The refund is made from the day following the last date of use or the day after the accident occurred at the earliest. The receipt and a medical certificate issued by a physician practicing in one of the Arlberg villages must be presented. Refunds are given in the ski region in which the ski pass was purchased. In Lech, refunds are given at the central ski pass office (Bergbahn Oberlech), in Oberlech at the Petersbodenbahn, in Zürs at the Trittkopfbahn, and in St. Anton, St. Christoph and Stuben at the main cash desks (no refunds for accompanying persons). Non-utilization of a ski pass due to bad weather, the risk of avalanche, breakdown of lifts, closure of ski runs, illness, injury, unforeseen departure etc. does not entitle the holder to a refund or extension.

    When the usable ski runs reach their capacity, for safety reasons we reserve the right to limit at short notice the number of day tickets and ski passes issued. We request your understanding in exceptional circumstances of this kind. It is possible that skiing is restricted at the beginning or the end of the season.

    Use of the facilities can be restricted at times.


    The general rate regulations, price lists and the officially approved conditions of carriage are component of the contract of carriage. With the purchase of the ticket the passenger respects the following regulations and commits itself to adhere to the same.

    The members of "Ski Arlberg" operate their respective cableway and lift systems as well as ski runs and ski routes respectively on own authority and legally independently. The acquisition of a ticket for the "Ski Arlberg" ski region entitles the passenger to the use of the skiing areas contained by "Ski Arlberg". However, the concrete conditions of carriage contract takes place respectively only with that cableway or lift company whose lift systems, ski runs and ski routes the guest just uses.

    Any possible liability with regard to the passengers, be it due to contractual or legal regulations, for incidents out of or rather concerning the activation and the use of the cableway and lift systems as well as ski runs and ski routes exclusively meets that cableway or lift enterprise in whose skiing area the occurrence happens. There is no liability for the other cableway or lift companies of "Ski Arlberg".

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    Arlberger Bergbahnen AG
    Kandaharweg 9
    6580 St. Anton am Arlberg

    TEL +43 5446 2352-0
    FAX +43 5446 2352-102

  • Information as per § 24 Data Protection Act 2000 on “Photo Compare“

    Please note that, for access control purposes, a reference photo is taken with a camera at the turnstile when the ski lift card holder passes through for the first time.  This reference photo is used by the ski lift staff for comparison purposes with any further photos taken at any turnstile equipped with a camera when the card holder passes through.  The reference photo is deleted as the validity of the card runs out.

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